Here's What We Can Help You With


We can help you with a contested or uncontested situation.

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities & Parenting Time

As of Jan. 1 2016, Custody is no longer a concept in Illinois. There are no longer winners and losers; each parent has specific responsibilities regarding their children that they alone or jointly are responsible for.

Child Support

There is an Illinois law that we follow to arrive at the correct child support.

Spousal Support

This used to be called alimony and is now called maintenance. Some cases are appropriate for spousal support. Is yours?

Pre-nuptial Agreement

Although, we all marry with the intention of this being a forever commitment. Sometimes, it does not work out that wayWe can help you set up an economic plan in the case that the marriage is terminated.

Post-nuptial Agreement

Sometimes after a marriage ,it may be necessary to write a contract that determines economic issues in the possible future ending of the marriage.

Simple Wills - Health Care Power of Attorney

Let your loved ones know what to do if you become ill or disabled.

Simple Wills - Power of Attorney

If you no longer are able to make financial decisions, you can assign a trusted loved one to make those decisions for you.


Sometimes you can be better served by having a neutral person mediate the differences between you and your spouse. We would be happy to assist you in this non-confrontational approach.


We can help you protect the rights of children of unmarried parents.

Domestic Violence and Orders of Protection

No one should have to live in fear of physical and emotional abuse.

Legal Separation

Sometimes the parties need to separate but not divorce. Legal Separation allows the parties to set up an economic plan so the parties can live separated.

Parental Relocation

If you wish to change the child's primary residence from the child's primary residence located in Cook County to a new residence more than 25 miles away, there is a procedure that you must follow. You must obtain the other parent's written permission or if that fails, you need to Petition the Court.